If you’ve visited us before, you’ll see we’ve been busy, our development offer is even better now!


We want you to be able to develop your practice, proficiency and professionalism, within Norfolk’s Children’s Services. Those of you that visited us at Community Care Live will know that we use the Signs of Safety Framework in Norfolk, you’ll also know that we have a Social Care Academy that provides a structured approach to our continuing professional development offer for our staff, and for you if you decide to join us.

Since then we have also invested in a couple of other things you may be interested in.

Firstly, following a successful bid to the DfE, we’re proud to be part of a new Teaching Partnership, with University of East Anglia (UEA), Suffolk County Council and the University of Suffolk. Secondly we are heavily investing in Systemic Supervision training this year.

Sound good? Read on for more details …..

Norfolk Social Care Academy

The Academy is our framework for providing structured professional development and learning to staff in Children’s Services’ Social Work and Early Help Services.

Individual faculties for each group of staff offer social work students, Social Workers, Senior Social Workers, Managers and other, non-qualified or alternatively qualified staff time to learn new skills, and hear and learn about recent research away from the stresses of their daily work.

The Academy will also offer support and planning for Social Workers to prepare for and achieve accreditation as Children and Family Practitioners, Practice Supervisors and Practice Leaders.

As a Social Worker in Norfolk, you’ll be able to take up personal learning opportunities which fit with your skills and interests, and the needs of the children and families that you work with. This can include structured training opportunities leading to additional qualifications, development of specialist areas and experience as champions or leads in particular areas, or secondments to different roles.

As a Social Work Manager, you will have access to practical management development programmes and the opportunity to take part in a range of manager forums to learn from each other and to help develop and shape the service.

  • Learn new skills
  • Hear and learn about recent research
  • Support and planning to achieve accreditation as Children’s and Family Practitioners
  • Additional qualifications
  • Develop specialist areas
  • Champion
  • Specialist lead

Systemic Supervision 

Norfolk Children’s Services is committed to the provision of high quality supervision. Our focus is on building relationships with children and their families, in order to achieve change.  This commitment extends to providing our staff with high quality supervision where your planning and decision-making skills are developed, and providing our managers with the skills and experience to supervise the complex and difficult work which our staff undertake with children and their families and carers.

As a Social Worker in Norfolk, you’ll take part in reflective supervision that focuses on enabling families to achieve change through relationship-based practice, planning and decision making within the context of a family’s life, and wider reflection on practice.  This will be delivered by managers who are externally validated by the Institute of Family Therapy through a structured training programme.

As a Social Work Team Manager in Norfolk, you will have the opportunity to take part in our new programme offering the Diploma in Systemic Supervision, an external qualification delivered by the Institute for Family Therapy.  This will enhance and hone your skills in encouraging robust and consistent decision-making, assessment, interventions and reflection, as well as providing the opportunity to develop your skills in relationship-based practice.


Suffolk and Norfolk Social Work Teaching partnership

We are very proud to be part of the Suffolk and Norfolk Teaching Partnership covering both Children’s and Adults Social Care. We are working with frontline staff right now to get us ready for the launch.

The aims and visions for the partnership are:

“to create and infrastructure that will enable us to recruit, develop and maintains Social Workers of the highest calibre. It will equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to work effectively and creatively with children, young people, families and adults, in a way that will have measurable impact on improving outcomes”

We will have a real input into how students learn and what they learn and influence the post qualifying offer. As a Senior Social Worker you will have the chance to become a practice educator and help us develop our future Social Workers. It is an exciting development for us here and one that will really influence the future of Social Work in Norfolk.

Signs of Safety

As a Social Worker in Norfolk, we will provide you with initial training in the Signs of Safety approach, regular workshops and training opportunities to develop your understanding and application of the framework. Peer-led group supervision in teams will help you to deepen your knowledge.

Following this established, evidence-based framework will enhance your collaborative working with families, building on the strengths and safety within their family, always with a strong focus on the voice of each child.

As you build your experience, we also offer opportunities to train as a Practice Lead, supporting others to gain greater knowledge and understanding of working with families, work with a wider range of children and families, and train others.