Hi, I’m Matthew Reading, Head of Social Work for the West locality. I have worked in Children’s Services for twenty years, in London first and then in Eastern England.

I moved my family from London to Norfolk looking for a change in lifestyle for my three young children. The county is beautiful and the West Norfolk coastline, a few miles from my office is breath taking. Property prices are comparatively cheap in this part of Norfolk, as are living costs generally. This means a really good quality of life is achievable.

Norfolk County Council is a warm and supportive place to work. There is a genuine interest in frontline practice at levels of leadership. People know each other by name in my office and there is a good mix of new staff and longer term practitioners. This makes a resilient and forward looking team, and a creative approach to work with our local families. I look forward to going to work in the morning – it’s a great place to be.  

If you are an experienced social worker and looking to move to West Norfolk, you can find out more about our beautiful locality here.

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