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Return to Social Work

Positions Available: Countywide

Returning to Social Work in Norfolk – We offer tailored support to help you re-register and get back into practice

Are you are considering a return to social work? You might have taken a career break or qualified some time ago, chosen a different path or never worked in a statutory role. If so, we are very interested in hearing from you. We are dedicated to enabling you to grow in confidence in a statutory setting. We want your return to social work to be successful and to build on the skills that you already have.

We can support you to return to Social Work whenever you are ready, so you can start at a convenient time for you. If you need to re-register with Social Work England, we will employ you as a Social Work Assistant to gain the hours of experience you need and will help you to re-register. Once re-registered, or if you already have SW England registration, you will have the dedicated support of a Practice Consultant, a senior social worker whose specific role is to support you in your learning and development. You will receive a tailored plan of support that enables you to work on the areas where you need to gain skills or experience.

You will be part of a social work team meaning you will be able to learn from colleagues and will have the support of a Team Manager. You will receive regular supportive and reflective supervision on both an individual and group supervision basis. In addition, you will have a protected caseload that will develop as you do, allowing time for you to learn and develop your practice confidence.

When you are ready, you will progress to a Level 2 Social Worker and receive a significant pay increment. As a Social Worker within Norfolk Children’s Services, you will receive a range of development opportunities and access to various avenues for career progression.

Norfolk takes a restorative approach to working with children and families, based on Signs of Safety, which means that while your direct work with children and young people will be central, you will also be working alongside families and their networks to help them find solutions that keep their children safe and well, long-term.

We are interested in people with a range of social work backgrounds who are keen to get back into practice. If you are committed to providing children and families with a first-class service and want your return to social work to be well supported, then we want to hear from you.